I am Elisa Anne Gomez(Ego) and I feel most at home when I am creating. Life is busy and can be stressful. In my own life, I wear many, many hats. I am a painter, sketcher, teacher, sculptor, writer, mom, woodworker, tile and mosaic craftswoman, filmmaker, animal rescue director, make-up artist, business owner, home owner, social justice fighter, and a student. Teaching and learning are daily meals for me, energizing me and moving me into creative endeavors. I incorporate all that movement into my work; as well as creating worlds that allow me to wear all of those hats. My paintings and other works of art are inner experiences brought out into the real world with an invitation to enjoy a little abstraction. Every time I begin a painting, I grow excited at the world I am about to create. Movement, color, and content are very focused elements in my work, all coming together like a confusing sonata; full of both light and dark, whimsy and despair, and enticement and reservation. It is mostly surreal, dreamlike visions that captain my work. My pieces vary and house hidden treasures within that long to be discovered. My hope for the viewer is to think of viewing my work as an adventure. I wish the viewer to join me on my journeys and bring their own perceptions as their boarding pass. I work in all kinds of media but prefer acrylic on canvas, adding natural elements or odd trinkets as my final touches.